The long-awaited Resident Evil event collaboration for Dead by Daylight has finally been unveiled. After being teased during the RE Anniversary April Showcase, it took over a month before developers Behaviour Interactive revealed details. Now, we have the full details and the release date. When is the Resident Evil Dead by Daylight collab event? Find out here.

When will the Resident Evil Dead by Daylight Collaboration Event happen – June 15, 2021

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Resident Evil may have overshadowed Dead by Daylight during its own 5th-anniversary broadcast earlier today. While the majority of the news detailed the developers' plans for the game for the upcoming sixth year, the highlight was the Resident Evil Chapter. Available for $11.99 starting June 15, the Chapter will add two new survivors and one new killer.

Resident Evil series favorites Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy will join the asymmetric survival horror game. Both have better constitution and have some weapons that can help the survivors live longer. Jill Valentine can place mines on generators, blinding the killer when they try to sabotage it. Meanwhile, Leon S. Kennedy has an innate passive that spawns flashbangs across the map. Throwing flashbangs can stop a killer from carrying survivors, and can even blind them temporarily.

The new killer, on the other hand, is the Tyrant, Nemesis. Nemesis has long-range attacks with his tentacle-like arm. He also has a passive that allows him to spawn zombies on the map. Both the Tyrant and his zombies can infect survivors with the T-Virus. While infected, the survivors cough and make noises, allowing the Tyrant to find them more easily. Thankfully, vaccines can be found around the map, which the survivors can use to cure the T-Virus.

Speaking of maps, the new Chapter also brings a Raccoon City Police Department-themed level. This level is still procedurally-generated, keeping the fun fresh for Resident Evil fans.