While the announcement for Resident Evil 4 Remake undoubtedly stole the show, people shouldn’t forget Resident Evil Village for the upcoming PSVR2.

Resident Evil Village PSVR2 version announced

Horror fans and people who want to get stepped on by Lady D and her vampire daughters will finally get what they want as Resident Evil Village has just been announced for the PSVR2. While a release date has not yet been announced, the game will unlikely come out this year as the PSVR2 itself will likely not come out until 2023. If you can’t wait until then, you can make use of the fan-made mod that brings VR support to the original release version of the game. That mod isn’t something to scoff at, either, with many fans saying that the modder actually does a better job in bringing games to VR than many other official VR port games.

In any case, while the PSVR2 system is still in development, we’re not yet sure about the full list of functionalities that games coming to the PSVR2 will have, which includes the Resident Evil Village PSVR2 game. However, the minimum features we could expect with the new VR headset are 4K HDR display, eye-tracking functionalities, and 3D audio, among other things. Some actions previously not possible in the console and PC versions of the game will become possible in the PSVR2 version – including dual-wielding weapons, and manually pouring the magic potion concoction over Ethan’s severed hands that can magically bind his wrist back together.

The PSVR2 system is definitely the system for gamers who love immersive experiences, and going back to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle and exploring Heisenberg’s Factory of Freaks will definitely be an enjoyable, horrifying experience. Now, I’d probably be fine playing through a majority of the game’s locations, but for the doll house mansion, on the other hand…