In a surprising turn of events, rapper Rick Ross revealed his admiration for Taylor Swift‘s music, expressing his support for her latest album amid ongoing beef with fellow rapper Drake, Complex reports. Ross, known for his prowess in the hip-hop scene, took to social media to share his excitement about Swift's “secret double album,” “The Tortured Poets Department,” and even made plans to listen to it on a yacht.

Ross, who recently focused on Drake-related matters on his social media platforms, shocked fans by expressing his enthusiasm for Swift's music. Referencing two song titles from the album, Ross announced his intention to listen to the album while out on the water, praising Swift's songwriting skills as “gangsta” and commending her for writing “like a boss.”

Fans were taken aback by Ross' unexpected endorsement of Swift's album, with many expressing surprise and amusement at the unlikely pairing. Despite his reputation in the rap world, Ross's appreciation for Swift's music highlights the diversity of his musical taste and demonstrates the universal appeal of Swift's artistry.

Ross's Support Amidst Drake Beef

Ross's endorsement of Swift's album comes amidst ongoing tensions with Drake, as evidenced by Drake's recent diss track aimed at Ross and other artists. Drake's mention of Swift in the track “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50)” sparked controversy, referencing their collaboration on “Bad Blood (Remix)” and mocking Kendrick Lamar for working with Swift.

Despite Drake's thinly veiled jabs at Taylor Swift, Ross's public support for her album sends a clear message of solidarity amidst the brewing feud. By embracing Swift's music, Ross not only showcases his appreciation for her talent but also subtly aligns himself against Drake, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga in the hip-hop world.

Swift's “The Tortured Poets Department,” which includes collaborations with Post Malone and Florence and the Machine, has garnered widespread attention since its release. Swift's decision to expand the album with an Anthology edition further solidifies its significance, offering fans an extended listening experience and showcasing Swift's prolific songwriting abilities.

For Ross, who has previously hinted at his admiration for Swift, his support for her album represents a departure from the typical narratives of hip-hop beefs. Instead of engaging in confrontational rhetoric, Ross chooses to celebrate Swift's artistry, emphasizing the importance of music appreciation and unity across genres.

In conclusion, Rick Ross's revelation of his admiration for Taylor Swift's music and his public support for her latest album amidst ongoing tensions with Drake add a compelling twist to the dynamics of the hip-hop world. With his unexpected endorsement, Ross not only showcases his diverse musical taste but also sends a powerful message of solidarity and appreciation for Swift's artistry.