Embattled Houston Rockets star James Harden finally responded to allegations that he may have violated the NBA’s COVID-19 protocols after a video of him at a strip club made the rounds on social media.

Harden posted on Instagram to clarify some details regarding the video that showed him partying, which is already being investigated by the NBA and could jeopardize his availability for the Rockets’ regular-season opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Harden has since deleted the Instagram Story, however.

In his post, the 31-year old shooting guard made it clear that he wasn’t at a strip club as initially reported, but was instead attending a friend’s event to support and celebrate her success, which he noted was somehow seen as “a problem.”

The 2018 MVP added that “every day it’s something different,” which could probably also refer to reports that he threw the ball at rookie Jae’Sean Tate after a heated exchange during Rockets practice on Monday. Harden ended the post by remaining defiant, saying that his name can’t be dragged and that the real will always end up on top.

But while he made it clear that he was not at a strip club, there are still some questions regarding the video. The most important is whether it was recent, which Harden didn’t clarify and was the reason why the league is investigating it and why his status for Houston’s first game is now up in the air.

Harden can also be seen in the video without a mask, therefore putting him at a higher risk for COVID-19, especially since the video also shows several people inside the establishment where the event took place. While the eight-time All-Star made sure to deny that he was at a strip club, plenty of questions remain unanswered regarding the video that could have helped the NBA’s investigation.