Houston Rockets rookie Kenyon Martin Jr. showed off his hops and strength by slamming one down over Atlanta Hawks center John Collins. Martin Jr. definitely made his father proud.

Check the clip below to see Martin Jr.'s hops as well as court awareness. He was wise enough to cut to the hoop after seeing the defense collapse. He also finished the play off with a monster slam over the outstretched arms of Collins.

The father of the Rockets rookie, of course, is ex-NBA player Kenyon Martin. The man spent 15 seasons in the league, most notably for the New Jersey (now Brooklyn) Nets and the Denver Nuggets. He developed a reputation for catching lobs from legendary point guard Jason Kidd and throwing it down with ferocity.

Kenyon Martin Jr., however, is making a name for himself with a style of his own. Unlike his father who played the power forward position, Martin Jr. is a swingman. He certainly got his father's athleticism, but he gets his points from a mix of perimeter shots, dunks and lay-ups. From time to time, Martin Jr. also shows off his stroke from deep.

The month of March has been kind of special to Martin Jr., as he's averaging 30.6 minutes in their last three games. While the Rockets continue to rack up the losses, Martin Jr. is getting that much-needed experience on the floor.