Behind a career-high 32 points from Jalen Green, the Houston Rockets upset the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime, winning 129-130. Not only did Houston steal a rare win but their highly-touted rookie showed why he can become a star.

Green has been emerging as a legitimate scorer for the Rockets. He has been posting very impressive numbers since the All-Star break and is showing why he was picked second overall. He came into the league with explosive athleticism and great confidence and dexterity to compliment it. Now, his moves and efficiency outputs are catching up.

After the Rockets stunned the Lakers, LeBron James said that Green is a great shot-maker and is only getting better, according to The Athletic's Kelly Iko.

“Everybody looks at his athletic ability, but his ability to make shots, he’s been doing this for quite a long time now, going back to high school. So, each and every game in this league, you get more and more comfortable with the speed. You get more and more comfortable with the system. You get more and more comfortable with how teams are playing you, and I feel like he’s just getting better and better.

“And the great thing about him being here, they’re a super young group, besides a few guys, and it’s allowed him to make mistakes and learn on the fly, and that’s definitely going to benefit him.”

Green's 15.7 points per game rank second among rookies. The Rockets, meanwhile, are well on track to post one of the worst records in the league. Green, though, can continue shining and show that Houston made the right choice to draft him.