After choosing to opt-in on his $47.4 million option with the Houston Rockets, John Wall is ready to take the next step that has long been rumored: a buyout.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Wall will secure a buyout with the Rockets and enter free agency.

For what it's worth, the decision didn't come as a surprise. John Wall sat out the whole 2021-22 season with the Rockets as the team looked for a potential trade centered around him, albeit to no avail.

Furthermore, when he picked up his option last week, the general expectations are the Rockets would be looking at a buyout agreement with him. The only question is how much Wall is willing to give up to make the move happen, though it's clear he's ready to negotiate now with his move.

As reported earlier as well, Wall and the Rockets are set to meet this week in hopes of working out a deal regarding their future ahead of free agency. With that said, fans can probably expect for an agreement to be reached in the next few days before the start of the June 30 free agency.

Wall has been generating some interest from teams in recent days, with the said suitors reportedly just waiting for him to get bought out of his contract before making a move. The Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clipper and Miami Heat are considered to be his biggest suitors.

It remains to be seen where Wall ends up with, though it is interesting to note that the news came after Kyrie Irving made the decision to opt-in on his contract with the Brooklyn Nets.