Cowboy 3030 is the rogue-lite futuristic western shooter from Soy Boy Games. The game is scheduled to be released for Early Access on Steam in the first quarter of 2024. It has been confirmed that Cowboy 3030 will eventually get a console release but the date has not yet been announced.

Cowboy 3030 Coming in Q1 of 2024

From the official announcement trailer, it’s easy to see the fun and action-packed gameplay that Cowboy 3030 will bring.

The game takes place in the futuristic wild west of Hololasso County which has been overrun by the ruthless Nebularos gang of extraterrestrial outlaws. Players will be able to take control of two playable characters; Calix and Keri to take down Nebularo gang leaders, loot defeated enemies, and acquire new and unique weapons. Each character brings a wholly different skillset and playstyle to suit any player’s needs. This combined with a deadly fun arsenal of weaponry to unlock is surely a recipe for thrilling shootouts and fast-paced mayhem.

Don’t think the game is so straightforward though, throughout their playthrough, the player can make decisions that will affect their reputation and how the rest of the game plays out. Choosing to save the good people of Hololasso will keep Calix or Keri on the good side of the law and the locals will be happy to thank you with health upgrades and discounts on the local shop. Choose not to save the innocent civilians and risk becoming an outlaw yourself, where the sly Silas waits to make an under-the-table deal for things like more base damage.

The game takes inspiration from all sorts of genres to bring you a unique third-person shooter experience. Experience the fast-paced combat of bullet hell games, where learning the enemy’s attack patterns and being able to think quickly on your feet is oh so important. Unlock, upgrade, and unleash hell with the expansive arsenal of a first-person shooter. And risk failure in every mistake with the rogue-lite elements in the game’s die and retry mechanics, where mastering each character’s playstyle is key to success.

Cowboy 3030 is scheduled for an Early Access release on PC via Steam in Quarter 1 of 2024, so strap on your cowboy boots, polish your revolver, and get ready to step into this wild ride of a game.

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