Everyone thought that Joe Alwyn was the one for Taylor Swift. They both had the perfect love story and looked bejeweled when they were out together in public. Apparently, that was not the case which meant that Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce had to take his shot on the pop star's blank space to be the man in her life. The dating life of both superstars had NFL fans enchanted and ecstatic. Some even started rooting for Kelce. While others were even taken off guard and were not ready for it.

Nonetheless, Taylor Swift seems to be telling fans that they need to calm down, per The Messenger. She is reportedly ‘seeing where things go' with Chiefs' Travis Kelce, per the Messenger. This is so that she can see if they would work out before letting any sparks fly.

Understandably, the singer-songwriter, and even fans, thought that Joe Alwyn would be her end game. As of them moment, Swift could be focusing on getting out of the woods of a past relationship and treating her single life in a delicate manner. This is nothing new for Swift as she has dated people in the past and has been known to take breaks much like any other person.

For the Chiefs star, their next matchup in the NFL will be against the fearless, albeit winless, Chicago Bears. Kelce will be able to run and use his electric touch for Patrick Mahomes in full condition.

Will the tight end with style hit differently for Swift such that they can live their wildest dreams together in a getaway car? Or will the pop sensation who's bigger than the sky be bothered by the girls he loved before?