Ryan Gosling will star in the Amazon MGM Studios' sci-fi adaptation of Andy Weir's 2021 novel Project Hail Mary, Deadline exclusively reported.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are attached to direct the space adventure movie. The film will be released on March 20, 2026.

This is the first film Gosling will be producing under his production company General Admission, with his first-look deal with Amazon MGM Studios. Other producers include Amy Pascal, Lord, Miller, Aditya Sood, Rachel O'Connor and Weir.

Ryan Gosling will bring his Kenergy to space

The movie will be filmed for IMAX. The story follows Ryland Grace (Gosling) and is set in the near future. Ryland is a schoolteacher who becomes an astronaut. He woke up from a coma, on a space station, alone, without any memory of his identity or his mission.

Ryland recovers his memory, but only in short bursts. He does manage to put the pieces together that he was sent to the solar system Tau Ceti. It's 12 light-years away from Earth. His mission is to reverse the events that have thrown Earth into an early Ice Age.

As he unravels his mission, he needs to use his scientific training as well as healthy dose of ingenuity to save the world. However, help may just be around the corner.

In the book, there are two storylines told chronologically. We first meet Ryland on the ship Hail Mary. There are flashbacks that tell the story of how the lone astronaut end up in the spacecraft.

The first storyline deal with the events before the launch. A bright line from the sun to Venus is observed and is associated with a global dimming, when the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth declines.

Scientists calculate that at the dimming rate will cause a catastrophic ice age within 30 years. When a space probe is sent to find out what's causing this, they find out that the bright line has alien microbes.

Enter Ryland, a former molecular biologist who discovers that the microbes are feeding from the heat of the sun and Venus' carbon dioxide. He named the microbes Astrophages, Greek for star eater.

The second storyline deals with the scientist-turned-astronaut arriving on Tau Ceti and encountering an alien starship. The surviving alien aboard and Ryland communicate through a system he devises. That's when he finds out that the Eridians (the aliens) are also experiencing the same thing as the humans on Earth.

And everything that happens after that, you'll just have to find out when the movie comes out or just read the book.

The film's adapted screenplay was written by Drew Goddard. He also executive produces the film with his partner at his company Goddard Textiles Sarah Esberg.

In the meantime, Gosling is starring in The Fall Guy with Emily Blunt which will be released May 3.