Ryan Leaf will always be known as one of the biggest NFL Draft busts in history, but that did not hinder him from scoring a hilarious Twitter victory recently against a New York Jets fan who referred to Zach Wilson as the “Mormon Ryan Leaf.”

Leaf saw that comment and responded in a harmless manner. But the fan tried to hit back, and that was when leaf decided to teach him a lesson by unleashing a vicious haymaker laced with a perfectly placed self-deprecation to win that brief Twitter battle and walk away from it with a smooth yet brutal mic drop.

Nevertheless, Jets fans are understandably frustrated with how Wilson has been playing quarterback for the team. Wilson hit rock bottom in Week 11's 10-3 road loss to the New England Patriots in which he threw for just 77 yards on 9 of 22 completions, while also getting sacked a total of four times for a loss of 33 yards. The Jets churned out just a measly output of 103 yards from scrimmage and only six first downs.

The Jets dropped to 6-4 and slid down straight to the bottom of the standings in the AFC East division. However, New York still has plenty of chances to turn things around, including in Week 12 against the Chicago Bears at home.

So far this season, the Jets are averaging 19.9 points and 311.8 total yards per game, which are just 22nd and 28th in the NFL, respectively.

Leaf was drafted by the San Diego Chargers second overall in 1998 — right after the Indianapolis Colts took a certain Peyton Manning.