The Ryder Cup features plenty of talent, but only one LIV Golf player is in the event. With stars such as Dustin Johnson getting snubbed, only Brooks Koepka is participating in the Ryder Cup in Rome, Italy. Koepka didn't show any sympathy for his fellow  LIV Golf members though.

“I don't make the decisions,” Koepka said about other LIV Golf players not receiving the invite to the Ryder Cup, via Tom Hamilton of ESPN. “It doesn't — everybody had an opportunity to get there. I mean, I had the same opportunity as every other LIV player, and I'm here. Play better. That's always the answer.”

Zach Johnson, captain of the USA team, selected Brooks Koepka for the Ryder Cup. Some people around the golf world expected other LIV Golf stars to receive the invite as well. However, that ultimately did not occur. With Koepka getting selected, one has to wonder if it truly was purely about talent. After all, why would Koepka get the invite while other LIV players miss out?

There was initial questions about whether any LIV Golf players would participate in the event. There wasn't any ruling that said they could not, but it was unclear if any of the captains would pick players associated with LIV for their teams. Brooks Koepka's status was uncertain as well before Zach Johnson made his decision.

Koepka is now hoping to help lead the USA to a championship at the 2023 Ryder Cup while all other LIV Golf players can do is sit back and watch.