The New Orleans Saints received some shocking news on Tuesday when it was announced that longtime head coach Sean Payton was stepping down. While there was some speculation that Payton was seriously considering about such a decision, it's still hard to believe even after the announcement. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan apparently thought so too, judging by his immediate reaction to Payton stepping down.

Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan is referring to the Netflix movie “Home Team”, which details what Sean Payton did in his year away from the NFL during a suspension. Jordan is joking that he thought that was a one-time thing, indicating that he too is just as surprised as the rest of the sports world about Payton stepping down.

As Jordan is jokingly suggesting, perhaps Netflix has another secret movie in the works about Payton stepping down and his upcoming year away in the NFL. There has to be something like that to explain such a surprising move to the Saints and their players!

In all seriousness, Payton, who endured a tough year coaching the Saints, likely needs some time away, whether it be permanently or temporary.

Maybe Sean Payton will make his triumphant return to the Saints next season just a year after from stepping down. That would make for quite the Netflix movie. For now, Cameron Jordan and the New Orleans franchise will have to move forward without their longtime leader.