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Drew Brees, Malcolm Jenkins and Saints produce powerful message for justice

Drew Brees, Malcolm Jenkins, Saints

Drew Brees and Malcolm Jenkins didn’t see eye-to-eye earlier this offseason, but now both of them are partnering up to create change. In a post to the New Orleans Saintsofficial Twitter account, Brees, Jenkins, and other members of the team produced a powerful message for social justice.

The post by the team’s official Twitter account displayed the hashtag “#SayHerName,” raising awareness on the treatment of women of color. As Nick Underhill of NewOrleans.football points out, the Saints will host a roundtable on the topic during the season.

Within the video, the players on New Orleans share the lack of justice that black women receive in our communities. Of course, Breonna Taylor, who died at the hands of police, was the one name that all of the players mentioned.

While everyone has made statements on Taylor’s situation, the Saints want to take action and make sure her name isn’t forgotten. Therefore, as a team, they’ll be spending time advancing the conversation on black women and how they are mistreated in society.

For those that don’t know, Brees and Jenkins had a falling out earlier this offseason due to their stances on kneeling during the national anthem. Brees uttered that he doesn’t support players kneeling because of family members who served in the military. On the other hand, Jenkins didn’t take kindly to Brees’ comments, calling out his quarterback on the topic.

After the two spoke about racial issues, Brees educated himself and came to the conclusion that black people need their voices to be heard. As a result of their difficult conversations, Brees and Jenkins grew closer off of the field. Fast forward to now and Brees, Jenkins, and the Saints organization are doing their part in inciting change.