When a team loses their best player of all time, there will naturally be a transition period. It could be a grueling one, but it is a fair sacrifice for a decade-plus of stability and success. The New Orleans Saints are doing their best to sneak right past the construction site and avoid a long rebuild. Enter Derek Carr.

The Saints will officially sign their new quarterback to a four-year, $150 million contract this weekend. After a two-year dry spell, the front office is paying for a return trip to the postseason. New Orleans legend and Super Bowl hero Drew Brees shared his thoughts on the monumental deal.

“I think it’s a great fit. I think it’s a great fit for him, great fit for the Saints,” Brees told The Dan Patrick Show via The Saints Wire. “I’ve always been impressed with Derek Carr. I think he’s been in a pretty dysfunctional situation, I think we all recognize that.”

Carr checks most of the boxes that the organization is looking for. In a division characterized by youth and uncertainty at the quarterback position, the former Fresno State product brings with him experience and underrated credentials that include plenty of late-game heroics. The Saints do not need him to be the next Brees. That is rarefied air that fans may never witness again. He needs to win football games in the NFC South, a task that should not be overly daunting for a four-time Pro Bowler.

Although the makeup of the division could be very different come September, Carr is still likely to have a leg-up on the competition. There will be pressure to prove Brees right, that it was the Raiders who were preventing the 31-year-old from reaching his full potential. A change of scenery worked out perfectly for Brees and New Orleans many years ago.

Fans are hoping history repeats itself.