The New Orleans Saints nearly capped off a brilliant comeback against the Detroit Lions in Week 13, but ultimately fell short. So far, it's been a rough season for New Orleans as the team can't get a groove going. It also doesn't help that the team might be losing its notorious home-field advantage late in the season.

Lions fans have traveled well this year and it was apparent during the Saints game. In fact, there were so many fans in the Super Dome, that general manager, Mickey Loomis admitted that he and the team were overwhelmed by it, according to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

“We're used to having a large number of Saints fans at some of our away games. We're not used to having that volume of visiting fans at our game. Our stadium's sold out on a season basis. That's disappointing to have that many tickets that are re-sold and, you know, given to visiting fans. But, look, I understand the economics of it. I understand that season tickets are expensive and you can't go to every game and so you're going to pick and choose to sell some. But I was a little caught off guard by the volume, as you said, in the lower bowl. That was unusual and, look, I understand it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.”

It's a bit bizarre to hear the Saints general manager say something like this. New Orleans is typically one of the most difficult places to play in the NFL. However, amidst a down season, the fanbase might be losing interest. Even though the team is in the middle of a heated playoff race in the NFC South.

As for the Lions, the fans are going all out to support their team. Detroit is on a tear this season and the fanbase isn't holding back. So, shoutout to them for rattling Mickey Loomis and the Saints in Week 13.