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Dolphins must beat $7 million offer from Saints for Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater, Dolphins, Saints

It wasn’t long ago that Teddy Bridgewater was at risk of never playing another NFL game. The 26-year-old quarterback  suffered a career-threatening knee injury in 2016, but eventually recovered and made his return to the gridiron in 2018.

After showing a ton of promise in his rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings, getting significant playing time following his lengthy absence on the field was in doubt. Nonetheless, the New Orleans Saints – the team that took a chance on Bridgewater returning to form last year– were very impressed by the Louisville products recovery.

In turn, Bridgewater started receiving more attention from other teams in the league this offseason, particularly the Miami Dolphins. However, the Saints are adamant about keeping Bridgewater on their roster despite still having future Hall of Famer Drew Brees and trick-play savant Taysom Hill on their depth chart.

NFL Network’s Mike Garofolo mentioned Bridgewater was in line to receive a $7 million offer from the Saints, and that the Dolphins must be able to match that offer.

Bridgewater started his first game in three years the final week of last season as New Orleans opted to rest Brees in preparation for the playoffs. The former first-round pick looked to be in great form once more and the promise of being a capable backup quarterback increased his value on the market; so much so that Miami could very well counter New Orleans’ offer.

Regardless of whoever wins the bidding war, the real winner in this scenario is Bridgewater, who’s about to make a lot of money after nearly abruptly ending his football career.