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Thousands of New Orleans Saints fans align to protest no-call ahead of Super Bowl 53

Saints, Super Bowl

While everyone is debating whether they should root for the Patriots or the Rams, there’s one thing the Saints fans aren’t doing: watching the Super Bowl.

According to a new video that was just released, Saints fans have taken to the New Orleans streets to “second-line” in protest for their team’s brutal loss in the playoffs.

You have to give it up to the city of New Orleans: they’re handling their team’s loss with a stylistic flair instead of with crazy riots and looting in the streets. In addition to the second-line — which is a tradition in brass band parades in New Orleans, and denotes the people who follow behind the “main line” musicians and dance and sing along to the music — bars are refusing to show the “Big Game,” and a sold-out outdoor party is scheduled to take place later today.

But according to NBC News, this sort of “protest” is typical for the city of New Orleans, whether there’s a Super Bowl going on or not.

“We throw a party for every event,” said Lauren Braden, 36, a lifelong Saints fan who has also been selling voodoo dolls of NFL referees and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We throw parties in the streets for funerals, so we have a different mentality than most people.”

Who Dat Nation notwithstanding, the rest of the nation is — unquestionably — watching the Super Bowl as we speak, and will find out if the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams take home the ring.

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