Scottie Pippen says Stephen Curry is neither the best Warrior nor a dominant player
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Scottie Pippen says Stephen Curry is neither the best Warrior nor a dominant player

Stephen Curry

When the Golden State Warriors successfully brought in Kevin Durant to their fold last summer, many of their fans started to wonder how he’ll co-exist with the team’s trio of All-Stars, especially back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry. However, Durant proved that he can play with the Warriors’ big guns and even average almost the same numbers as he did during his days with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The comparisons were there throughout the season, and some even said Curry is not the same player with Durant alongside. Scottie Pippen, while guesting on ESPN’s The Jump, also believes that is the case.

“I think we have to also look at it now that he’s not the best player on either team. Even though he’s a two-time MVP, a unanimous MVP, right now, he’s not the best player on his team, and he’s not a dominant player. He’s a great player, and the things that he does out on the basketball court force Cleveland to have to do things to get the ball out of his hands, but in terms of what LeBron [James] and KD can do, those guys can dominate you in all areas of the game, from rebounding, to blocking shots, to defending, to scoring. They beat you all across the board.”

It is certainly an interesting take from the six-time champion as Curry has broken records and even changed the way how scoring point guards should play. But it’s also hard to argue his opinion, as Durant had better numbers than him this year, and has taken over in late-game situations for the Dubs.

That may be Curry’s situation with his team now, but it could also be that he has prepared himself to take less responsibility, without sacrificing too much from his production. The promise of multiple winning seasons and potential championships could also be enough for him to agree to his new role.

With Stephen Curry slated to become a free agent come summertime, it will be interesting to see if he re-signs with the Warriors, as it could speak a lot on how content he is being considered the second best player in his team.