A hit by New York Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons on Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith has drawn some controversy after Seattle's 24-3 win on Monday Night Football. Simmons tackled Smith from behind as he was running out of bounds, causing Smith's legs to roll up under Simmons' body. Smith exited the game briefly to have his knee checked out, but later returned. Pete Carroll addressed the tackle on a radio show Tuesday and said Smith was fortunate to avoid a serious leg injury.

“It just should have been recognized, I wish,” Carroll said. “I don't even care about the penalty. We've just gotta get that out of ball. It's so dangerous, and we're so lucky that Geno didn't get just wiped out.”

Smith was initially livid with the tackle and called it a “dirty play.” Pete Carroll also referred to the play as a kind of “horse collar tackle.” Such plays are notoriously dangerous and thus are illegal. Though Isiah Simmons didn't grab Smith inside the shoulder pads, he still pulled him backwards and dropped his hips into Smith's lower body.

Simmons might not have been trying to injure Geno Smith, but the hit was still unnecessary. Smith had already given himself up and was heading out of bounds.

Carroll said he thinks Smith is fine from a health standpoint. “He kind of twisted his knee a little bit, yeah. It really was knee and ankle at first, but I think it just came down to taping up the ankle and then his knee was a little bit — he might be sore [Tuesday.] He’ll need a break.”

The Seahawks have a bye this week, so Smith will have extra time to get right before returning.