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Seahawks backup quarterback battle between Paxton Lynch, Geno Smith still up in the air for Pete Carroll

Geno Smith, Paxton Lynch, Pete Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks have their quarterback situation set for a couple more years with Russell Wilson. However, the battle for the backup position is at the endgame as Paxton Lynch and Geno Smith are still duking it out for the position.

Head coach Pete Carroll is still to make a decision about the backup position. With the season merely days away from starting, he will be hard-pressed to make a decision.

Per Curtis Crabtree in NBC Sports’ ProFootballTalk:

“They’ve both had their moments. Certainly,” head coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday. “They’ve basically taken care of the ball really well. It’s just an important factor. They can both run the offense. I’m really anxious to get another assessment here, especially on Paxton. He’s going to play in this game. Those two guys, he and Geno will split it and see how they do.”

One of the reasons for his indecision may be the injuries both players sustained during preseason. Smith had a cyst removed in his knee while Lynch suffered a concussion due to a Holton Hill tackle.

However, both players had good numbers when they did get their shot in preseason. Smith completed 14 of 27 passes and recorded a rushing TD after nine carries for 45 yards. Meanwhile, Lynch completed 17 of 30 throws for a touchdown; his rushing numbers were 37 yards on six carries that also scored a touchdown.

The two offer very different play styles, making the decision harder for the Seahawks coaching staff. Smith is the more established option, having played in the league for six years now. Meanwhile, Lynch offers variety and excitement as a younger player.

Regardless of who Carroll chooses in the end, the Seahawks will have a reliable backup QB that can help the team make a run in the playoffs.