The Seattle  Seahawks lost a close one to the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football but are still in the mix of the playoff race. However, all eyes are on Geno Smith right now after he posted a disturbing photo of an arm injury he dealt with before the game.

Smith took to social media and shared an image of his injured arm. He eventually deleted the post, however, many had already shared the picture. From the looks of it, the Seahawks quarterback somehow recovered from a gruesome arm bruise on his throwing arm.

It's speculated that Geno Smith sustained the injury after taking a hit in Week 11 against the Los Angeles Rams, according to ESPN's Brady Henderson. Considering how bad that injury looked, it's surprising the Seahawks quarterback was good to go for the Cowboys game.

“That is/was a gnarly bruise on Geno Smith's throwing arm from a hit he took vs. the Rams the Week 11. Smith hardly threw the next three days leading up to Thanksgiving vs the 49ers. He had a normal week of practice leading into Dallas and played lights out.”

Football fans just couldn't believe the injury. Especially considering how gnarly his arm looked.

“Damn Geno's elbow was F***** up!”

This is just another reminder of how gruesome the sport of football can be. It's unforgiving and can really take a toll on the body. But Geno Smith proved to be warrior fighting through that pain. On top of that, he nearly led the Seahawks to a big win over Dallas.

Luckily, Smith was able to fight through the pain. The Seahawks will need him to be at his best in Week 14 when they face the San Francisco 49ers.