Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams faced serious criticism online after getting cooked by Dallas Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson on Thursday night. A reporter named Connor Hughes reacted to the play on X and said “Yikes.” Adams didn't like it and found a photo of Hughes and his wife and said “Yikes”, seemingly insulting the woman for her looks.

But, it appears Adams doesn't regret his comments:

The Seahawks veteran also retweeted this:

On one hand, you can understand where Adams is coming from. These players face scrutiny from media members week in and week out. However, it was slightly childish for Adams to bring the reporter's wife into it. In all honestly, it was unnecessary.

For what it's worth, Hughes never replied to the Seahawks star, which is probably the right way to go about it. Early in the second half, it was clear Ferguson and Adams had some beef:

As for the play that sealed the win for the Cowboys, Adams looked lost as Ferguson easily caught Dak Prescott's TD throw:

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Frustrations boiled over for Adams. The Seahawks are now 6-6 and in danger of missing the playoffs. After all, the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers are their next two opponents. It's going to be an uphill battle and Jamal Adams could feel like it's partly his fault Seattle lost in Dallas.

Should Adams apologize for his actions? I mean, he doesn't need to and to be frank, he probably doesn't care what these fans on X think. Regardless, he didn't need to bring the wife into it.