The Seattle Seahawks have a lot of adjustments to make such that they get a better regular season campaign.  After Pete Carroll took a new role, they need to find a system that propels them into their winning ways with Mike Macdonald.

However, one spot that the team will not be changing is the quarterback position. General manager John Schneider was asked about Geno Smith's status as the team's primary leader on offense. Schneider gave a definitive answer to Gregg Bell of The Tacoma News Tribune a definitive answer.

“Yeah. Yes. He's the starter until he’s not. We have a vision. We have a plan for what we will be doing,” Schneider said.

The Seahawks have enjoyed their fair share of wins because of Geno Smith. After all, he still put up 3,624 passing yards on a 92.1 rating in Pete Carroll's last head coaching year. Macdonald can help him improve by lengthening his time in the pocket with better offensive lineman schemes.

This was a huge problem for his field of vision last season which netted him nine interceptions. All of this can be taken care of once OTA and training camps start.

Smith's contract situation with the Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith (7) looks to pass against the Dallas Cowboys during the first half at AT&T Stadium.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The concern now is the Seahawks' ability to remain flexible with the cap. They already found a way by restructuring Smith's roster bonus into a signing bonus for his new contract. This was when Schneider knew that the Seahawks could move forward with their plans of having him under center in the next season.

“Honestly, other people made a bigger deal out of that than we did in the building. It was like ‘Is he gonna be here? Is he not gonna be here?' It was not,” Schneider said. He was gonna be here. It was a matter of when are we going to tell him we are doing this with his roster bonus?” he declared.

There is a lot to work on if the Seahawks really want Smith to break out. But, the first step towards all of that would be that he does not get traded before March 18th. This restructure brings certainty that the Seahawks' offense will have him as their quarterback this year. Hopefully, they get better and come out blazing in their first game.