According to Head Coach Pete Carroll, the flu hit the Seattle Seahawks locker room hard during the week. But things now seem to be headed in the right direction.

On Thursday, the Seahawks had eight players miss practice while dealing with an illness. This list of players included Damien Lewis, Travis Homer, Quinton Jefferson, Jordyn Brooks, Josh Jones, Tony Jones Jr., Myles Adams, and Marquise Goodwin.

Now on Friday, that number has jumped down significantly. Just two players, running back Travis Homer, and safety Josh Jones, appeared on the injury report with an illness. Both players are currently listed as questionable for Sunday's matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

While speaking with reporters on Friday, Pete Carroll added some insight into exactly what the players were dealing with.

Carroll stated, “It’s a flu-type thing, it’s a 48-hour deal. It’s hit people differently with fevers and all of the kind of regular flu stuff, but for some guys, it hit differently with head cold-type stuff. We are as well schooled about trying to take care of people as we can be, so we have done a good job of keeping it down. The positive thing about it is that it is going to last a couple of days, so we know the guys will bounce right back out of it.”

Pete Carroll was then asked if any Seahawks could potentially miss Sunday's game due to dealing with the flu. He seemed confident that wouldn't be the case. “I’m saying no to that right now, we are going to play with it if we have to,” said Carroll

Led by Geno Smith, the Seahawks enter Week 13 with a 6-5 record. They are currently second in the NFC West. Stealing a win from a divisional rival could be big for this team down the stretch.