Seahawks news: Pete Carroll on when he hopes DK Metcalf will return for Seattle
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Pete Carroll on when he hopes DK Metcalf will return for Seahawks

Pete Carroll, DK Metcalf, Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf is out of action with a knee injury, that he received surgery on last week. Head coach Pete Carroll calls the procedure “a minimal surgery,” as he said, according to’s John Boyle,

“It was a minimal surgery, minimal findings, so we have high expectations. We’ll go week to week with it and see how he does. We really don’t have any concern that he won’t get back soon. So we’re excited that we got it done. It was the kind of deal we could have put off and waited, but we thought we would use the timeframe we had available and hopefully it’ll work out just right for us.”

Previously, Carroll stated that there is hope that Metcalf returns for the regular season Week 1 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. As of late, there isn’t an update on if that’ll happen. The head coach of the Seahawks called it a week to week injury, but with a shorter than longer timeframe for return. As he said, per Boyle:

“We’re going to go week to week and see what happens. There’s no indication that it’s going to be a long return. It’s going to be a shorter return than a longer one. So we’ll see how we can deal with this, and keep our fingers crossed for him.”

Metcalf earned his fair share of fans before the 2019 NFL Draft. He possesses a frame carved in the mountains of Olympus and athleticism to give Zion Williamson a run for his money. However, he fell to the back end of the second round due in large part to injuries.