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Seahawks’ Quandre Diggs has an interesting take on America’s response to COVID-19

Seattle Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs believes arrogance has played a role in America’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Diggs hinted American exceptionalism and egoism have led to inconsistent responses to COVID-19 (via Sports Illustrated):

“As a country, as a whole, I feel like we’re just a cocky country that feels like we’re invincible, but we have the most cases in the world. At some point, we need to take that cockiness down, and I think we need to get humbled a little bit and let people know that, ‘Hey, continue to wear your mask.’ I feel like the mask mandate should have been in effect the whole time.”

The 27-year-old has spent the majority of the offseason in Austin, Texas. Quandre Diggs has been especially critical of Governor Greg Abbott, who was effusive in his desire to be among the first state’s to reopen.

Abbott’s decision to reopen the state has not bore fruit — Quandre Diggs knows this. Texas has been among the states most impacted by a recent surge in cases of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Quandre Diggs is preparing for his first full season as a member of the Seahawks.

Seattle acquired Quandre Diggs from the Detroit Lions in October. He dominated in five games with the Seahawks, snagging three interceptions and returning one for a touchdown. Diggs also notched a forced fumble and fumble recovery.

The Seahawks are banking on Quandre Diggs to be a playmaker in the secondary. That is, if the 2020 NFL season begins without a hitch. As of now, the league has yet to give any indication it will move off its Sept. 10 start date.

In any case, Quandre Diggs believes Americans could use a slice of humble pie.

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