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Seahawks’ Russell Wilson honoring late coach with special cleats for Week 2

Russell Wilson, Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson shared a great bond with his old mental-conditioning coach Trevor Moawad. The longtime Seahawks star had a moment of remembrance on Thursday when he was speaking to the press about the late Moawad, who passed away on the 15th of September after battling cancer for two years. The two were connected in Alabama, where Moawad was a part of Nick Saban’s coaching staff and where Wilson spent his NCAA career.

During the aforementioned press conference, as reported by ESPN’s Brady Henderson, Wilson opened up and said this of his former coach:

“When I think about my relationship with Trevor, I think about a man who was humble, I think about a man who always served, who always gave back, who was always dedicated to working and helping everyone. And everybody he helped, it seemed that they always got better.”

His Seahawks play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday and Wilson decided to honor his friend in a great way. He posted a video on his Twitter, showcasing the cleats he will be wearing in tonight’s game. There is a mention of Moawad with a great message.


Wilson spoke on many occasions about his bond with Moawad and it is clear that he will keep him close to his heart.