Selena Gomez has cleared the air about her Instagram activity that sparked feud rumors earlier this summer. The actress and singer unintentionally unfollowed Dua Lipa on the social media platform, leading to speculation about a potential rift between the two stars. However, Gomez explained that it was merely an accident during a recent interview with Fast Company, according to PageSix.

Gomez shared her side of the story, stating, “It was an accident! I was just cleaning up some of my Instagram. Then somebody called me and was like, ‘What happened with Dua?!'” She emphasized that the unfollowing was unintentional.

Selena Gomez Further Supports Dua Lipa

Image Credit: Christopher Polk/NBC/NBC via Getty Images

To address the rumors and show her support for Dua Lipa, Gomez swiftly posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing a polka-dot and butterfly-print dress from Lipa's Versace capsule collection. The caption read, “A little Versace/Dua moment.” Lipa responded enthusiastically by leaving a comment under the post, writing, “angeeeeeeeel!!!!” accompanied by multiple heart-eye emojis.

While Gomez has since re-followed Dua Lipa on Instagram, she has not restored her connection with other celebrities she previously unfollowed, including Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid. However, sources close to Gomez insisted that there were no lingering hard feelings between her and the individuals she unfollowed.

Additionally, Gomez's unfollowing of Zayn Malik, which occurred months after rumors of their relationship, was not related to any feud. She confirmed her single status on TikTok just before unfollowing Malik.

This incident serves as a reminder that social media activity, even unintentional actions like unfollowing, can quickly fuel speculation and rumors in the world of celebrities.