With Serge Ibaka‘s move to the Orlando Magic, he will probably be expected to take on a much more prominent role. Ibaka seems up for the challenge, because he has expressed concern of having his #4 position being reduced on the Oklahoma City Thunder team.

Most notably, Ibaka has seen a lot less action in this years playoffs. Although he had his more playing time, he had much less touches than he usually has during the postseason.


Serge Ibaka stats
Reddit / ro-hit


Sure, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant‘s absences in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons respectively gave Ibaka more opportunities to make plays, but his neglect this season was still apparent. Players like Steven Adams have been having accelerated success, and this overshadowing may have also convinced Ibaka to leave. He expressed his concern with being a fake #4 option on the team in his exit interview.

Hopefully Ibaka will find the leadership role he is looking for with the Magic. This could be a great opportunity for him to shine his skills.

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