Years after it was first announced, She-Hulk finally made its way to Disney Plus this week. While there have been lowered expectations for this Marvel series since it’s set between Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the first episode is certainly a refreshing one. And just like any project under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner, this debut has its fair share of fun trivia and hidden details. We take a deep dive down below into those She-Hulk episode 1 easter eggs and what they really mean.

She-Hulk episode 1 easter eggs

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6. Breaking the Fourth Wall

Those who love Deadpool’s ability to break the Fourth Wall and talk directly to audiences will have a good time watching She-Hulk. As compared to the Merc With A Mouth, it was Jennifer Walters who did it first in the comics. Apparently, this is the same case for the MCU’s She-Hulk as well.

During the episode’s start, Jennifer Walters can be seen conversing with the viewer and proceeds to narrate her origin story. This gag comes out at certain points of the story, like the part where Bruce Banner has allowed her cousin to leave, an act that prompts She-Hulk to talk to the audience again. These instances, as it would seem, won’t be the last Jennifer would break the Fourth Wall over the course of this series.

5. Shang-Chi end credits explained

Back when Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was shown, fans were confused about why Bruce was back in his human form during the film’s end credits. After explaining his transformation to Smart Hulk during Avengers: Endgame, it would seem the franchise is backtracking from the progress it made on the character in films past.

As confusing as it can get, that issue has been quickly resolved near the episode’s start. After the accident that led to Jennifer gaining new abilities, Bruce explains he wore an inhibitor that allows him to transform back to human form. Unfortunately, he can’t make another copy for Jennifer as it’s calibrated to his genes. Nevertheless, that confusing end credits scene has been explained, much to the satisfaction of MCU fans.

4. Sakaaran spaceship

As mentioned earlier, both Jennifer and Bruce were in a car right before the former gained her powers. As the pair were on the road, a Sakaaran spaceship appeared out of nowhere and caused the vehicle to crash, wounding Jennifer. As she tries to rescue her cousin, his Gamma-irradiated blood spills onto her open wound. This leads to the lawyer gaining Bruce’s abilities which causes her to transform into a version of the Hulk.

This kind of spaceship first appeared in Thor: Ragnarok, back during a time Bruce was stuck inside the Hulk for two years. The Jade Giant, meanwhile, spent that time as a Sakaaran champion fighting gladiatorial battles. The appearance of this ship from the planet Sakaar is a callback to that period and can potentially play an integral part in Bruce’s story moving forward.

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3. Gamma Lab and Bruce’s Bar

Right after losing consciousness outside a bar due to her transformation, Jennifer wakes up in a cozy beach house owned by Bruce in a secluded New Mexico location. It’s later revealed that Bruce and Tony Stark built a Gamma Lab right beneath the house to help with the former’s Hulk-related issues. Bruce would later go on to tell his cousin that the late Iron Man would spend a lot of time with him during the five years before Endgame. This is evident in the damaged helmet found in the living room, the Led Zeppelin shirt Jennifer was wearing, and the beachside bar with Bruce and Tony’s initials inscribed on it.

This revelation emphasizes the friendship between Tony and Bruce, and how they spent that period when half the universe’s population was snapped away by Thanos. It also explained a lot about the Hulk, his transformation, triggers, and how Bruce managed to overcome the challenges by taking control of his alter-ego’s abilities.

2. Titania

As the episode transitioned from Jennifer’s origin story to her court appearance, a lady dressed in an eccentric outfit broke down the courtroom wall to cause mayhem inside it. She was later apprehended by Jennifer in her She-Hulk form as the episode ended shortly after that battle.

Played by Jameela Jamil, that character is identified as Titania and is slated to be one of She-Hulk’s villains in the series. This is in line with the comics where she is one of the heroine’s primary antagonists. Empowered by Doctor Doom, Titanis has had her fair share of battles with Jennifer and it looks like the MCU’s latest series is going to play in a similar fashion. And while the overall look and origin of Titania is going to be updated for the MCU, her core characteristics and powers are expected to stay the same.

1. Captain America

During the episode’s end credits scene, we see an intoxicated Jennifer in her human form back in Bruce’s bar. She laments at how Steve Rogers could have died a virgin. Annoyed, Bruce in his Smart Hulk form admits that Captain America lost his virginity back at the height of World War II. This causes Jennifer to be ecstatic about the revelation as the scene abruptly cuts before she could finish her thought.

This fun scene puts a period over the argument on whether Steve Rogers never lost his virginity or not. At the same time, it adds a dose of humor to the topic while making the Avenger uncomfortable about revealing his friend’s sexual history.

With one episode down the drain and eight more to go, there will surely be a lot of She-Hulk easter eggs to go around before the series is done. With scheduled appearances by Daredevil and other Marvel characters, fans will have a great time spotting the fun trivia from this show.