Faruzan is a specific support character for specific Anemo teams, but she still has quirks of her own that makes her interesting to use in other teams. In version 3.3, this 4-star Anemo bow character will be arriving, ready to lay waste on her foes. In this Faruzan guide, we will explain her strengths and weaknesses, and discuss whether she’s worth pulling for or not.

Faruzan Guide: Why You Should Pull for Faruzan

If you’ve been struggling to make Anemo teams work since forever, Faruzan can change all of that. Her combination of providing a massive Anemo DMG boost and shredding enemy Anemo RES, proves to be extremely potent in increasing the damage output of Anemo DPS characters. This is most notable for the Wanderer, Heizou, C6 Kazuha, and even a Crit Venti build.

For hoard–I mean, material collectors, Faruzan has a passive skill which increases expedition yields from Sumeru. A passive like that is a godsend, especially for materials endemic to the region.

Here are more reasons why you should pull for Faruzan on her banner:

  1. You like Faruzan’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You want to experiment with a Faruzan Main DPS build.
  3. You see her potential once we get more Anemo characters in the game.

Why You Might Skip Faruzan’s Banner

Despite all of her pros, Faruzan is still an incredibly niche character that sees almost no use outside of Anemo. If you’re not particularly interested in teams that have more than one Anemo character, then Faruzan doesn’t contribute a lot to your account. Her area-of-effect abilities are quite limited in size, which makes her sub-optimal as a swirl support for other elemental teams. There are also very few good support bows which provide buffs, which is another disadvantage.

Here are a couple more reasons why you might want to skip her this time:

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  1. You’re not interested in her design and/or gameplay.
  2. You don’t like playing Anemo teams.
  3. You would rather let her spook you in other banners, or wait for an event that provides a free copy of her.
  4. She doesn’t feel as strong as the other 4-star Anemo characters in the game (like Sucrose or Sayu).


She’s either very useful for you, or contributes absolutely nothing. However, if you’re a fan of good, cutesy voice acting, then she might fancy your tastes. She’s a bit snotty and brash, but that’s just part of her charm. Just…don’t ask her about her age.

So, should you pull for Faruzan now that she’s out? Well, she’s a 4-Star anyway that you might get whether or not you want her, so the actual question you should be asking is, should you pull for Arataki Itto? Or should you pull for Wanderer?