The pool of 4-star Cryo support characters have always been a saturated bunch of powerful units who each have a special trait that makes them unique, but she is another beast of her own. She has 100% uptime on all her abilities, and provides good mitigation, Cryo application, and other bonuses from equipped weapons and artifacts. In this Layla Guide, we will be discussing her strengths, weaknesses, and whether she’s worth pulling for or not.

Why You Should Pull for Layla

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Layla is a 4-star sword-wielding Cryo character who excels at applying Cryo consistently while providing a great shield. She applies Cryo via her Skill’s Night Stars, and her Burst’s Starlight Slugs. All of these are homing projectiles that require almost no effort to deploy, making Layla a phenomenal support for budget perma-freeze teams (Ganyu still stands as the best Cryo DPS-support).

Here are more reasons why you should pull for Layla:

  1. You like her design and/or gameplay.
  2. You are pulling for Yae Miko and/or Childe anyway. 
  3. You need a powerful defensive support for your Morgana team.

Why You Should Skip This Banner

Like what was said before, Layla is one of many powerful 4-star Cryo supports out there, along with Diona, Rosaria, and Chongyun. If you already poured a significant amount of investment on at least one of them, Layla’s value diminishes unless you’re running a second freeze team. Furthermore, Layla appears on banners featuring ‘controversial’ 5-star characters: Yae Miko requires a ton of investment to deal DPS, while Childe requires a ton of investment on himself and the rest of his team (Xiangling, Bennett, Kazuha/Sucrose) for their combo to work. If you don’t feel like obtaining these 5-star characters, it might be better to skip on Layla and wait for an event or get a 4-star spook of her. 

Here are more reasons why you might want to skip Layla:

  1. You don’t like her gameplay and/or design.
  2. You’re not interested in sniping 4-star characters from banners.
  3. You don’t have a perma-freeze or Eula team for Layla.
  4. You're not really keen on pulling for either Childe or Yae Miko.
  5. Anemo Scaramouche is waiting.


Layla is no doubt a good character for many players, and HP is a fairly easy stat to scale for support characters like her. Despite the strict kinds of teams she works well with, we might see more strategies with Layla in the near future outside of the usual ones we see with Cryo characters.