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Allen Iverson says Michael Jordan is the GOAT, not LeBron James

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If you ask Sixers legend Allen Iverson on who he thinks the greatest player of all-time is, he’ll give you a straight answer. None of this non-committal back-and-forth you’ve been hearing from sports anchors over the past few years. Per the The Players’ Tribune (h/t SportsCenter), the former four-time scoring champion said that he believes Hall of Fame shooting guard Michael Jordan is the undisputed GOAT. Not Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, though many people — as Iverson alluded to — have said that they believe James has passed His Airness as the best player in league history.

Like a lot of few former players who have weighed in on the debate (or lack thereof, according to Allen Iverson), Iverson has played against both superstars several times during his playing career and he knows how it feels on having them as an opponent.

As one of the biggest debates among NBA fans, the question of who really is the greatest of all-time usually comes down to two names. The same two names that will pop-up of every NBA fans’ minds when they hear this certain topic.

Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

While it can’t be denied that the two have achieved a superb level of success in their playing careers, perhaps incomparable levels of success, comparisons between the two basketball superpowers has raged on. Even Harvard University and Yale University, the Ivy League college’s version of Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, had this topic in their debate last June per ESPN.

Jordan came to the league in 1984 after being picked third overall by the Chicago Bulls. From that point on. he displayed an indomitable will and dominant all-around ability. In one of the league’s most physical eras, Jordan was considered as one of the most complete players, raking in a lot of awards and setting several NBA records during his storied NBA career.

Above all, he led the Bulls to six NBA titles in the 1990s and never lost a single Finals championship series. A feat that Allen Iverson, who never managed to win an NBA championship though he led the Sixers to the NBA Finals in 2001, holds in so high an esteem that he can’t see how James has entered the debate.

James was touted as the next Jordan during his high school days and quickly made a splash when he debuted in the league in 2003 for the Cleveland Cavaliers. A 16-year NBA veteran, James has been to the NBA Finals nine times and been to eighth consecutive NBA Finals dating back to last season. However, he’s has only won three championships and though he’s been outmatched more often than not, nobody will let him forget his lackadaisical approach to the 2011 NBA Finals.

King James is still active and continues to achieve greatness in the hardwood, even passing Jordan in a few statistical categories. Now with the Lakers, the 33-year-old is set to break even more long-standing records.