Sixers news: Ben Simmons vomited in pain during gruesome back injury
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Sixers’ Ben Simmons vomited in pain during gruesome back injury vs. Bucks


The last we saw Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons take the floor was in late February against the Milwaukee Bucks. The 23-year-old barely lasted five minutes in that contest, though, as he was forced to exit early in the game due to a terrible back injury.

Recently, Sixers head coach Brett Brown narrated how much pain Simmons was in at that time. So much so, that the former Rookie of the Year was actually vomiting because of the pain.

“For those of you who remember in Milwaukee, that was as disturbing a memory as it relates to a player as I can think of,” Brown said, via David Murphy of The Philadelphia Inquirer. “He’s lying on his back. He’s vomiting, primarily because of pain. Trying to get him … back up to some level of health where he can play basketball again, and that timeline was always an interesting one. . . .The effort that he has put in, given where he was and the significance — he hurt his back in a real way — he is to be praised and applauded in a real way.”

The Sixers later revealed that Ben Simmons had suffered a pinched nerve on his back. Based on Brown’s recent update, though, it appears that his star is well on his way to recovery. Coach Brown even discussed how the Australian has been rehabbing throughout the quarantine period.

“The professionalism and discipline that he has shown, having that pass to get into the facility (amidst the Corona virus lockdown measures), he’s teed off on that,” Brown said. “He’s been outstanding. It could be a little bit of the silver lining on this pandemic, the opportunity to get somebody like Ben back into our team.”

At this point, all signs are pointing to the notion that Simmons will be ready once the season resumes — whenever that may be.