Kevin Durant is without a doubt one of the top players in the NBA today. This is exactly why opponents have constantly put a target on the back of the Brooklyn Nets superstar whenever they get to face him on the basketball court. This was exactly the case for Philadelphia 76ers forward Georges Niang on Tuesday night.

Niang got very excited after scoring a tough basket over KD and the Sixers stud just had to give Durant the business right after the bucket:

Niang stared Durant down as he made his way back to the opposite side of the floor, and the Sixers power forward clearly had some words for KD. For his part, Durant was seen laughing at the incident as he seemed to pay no mind to Niang's antics.

This mini-confrontation had NBA Twitter buzzing. Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell was one of the first to react to the exchange, and much like the Cavs guard, the mean streets of Twitter were generally amused by the incident:

It didn't look like Durant had anything to say to Niang after the stare-down, but the smile on his face seemed to be some sort of sly warning. KD is the type who can take over a game at any given time, and perhaps Niang's decision to mock him was the very thing that Durant needed to get him fired up.

KD and Co. came into Wednesday's matchup with a two-game winning streak. They fully intend to take advantage of the Sixers being shorthanded as the Nets look to build on what they're hoping will be a resurgent run for them.