Philadelphia 76ers fans rolled out of bed only to see the beef between James Harden and Daryl Morey smash through the fan and blow a hole through the ceiling. One of the most dreadful offseasons in recent Sixers history has gotten even crazier.

During his marketing tour for Adidas in China, Harden said that Morey “is a liar and I will never be a part of an organization that he’s a part of.” He then restated his claim verbatim to drive home the point that he is absolutely done with the Sixers. Harden exercised his player option after not receiving the long-term deal he anticipated and asked for a trade but the Sixers, after seeing what the trade market offered (nothing but a measly offer from the Los Angeles Clippers), decided not to trade him.

Once the video made it to the website formerly known as Twitter, NBA fans had a field day. James Harden and Daryl Morey are both seen unfavorably by many basketball fans and, as such, got ridiculed heavily. On top of taking a joke from the movie Mean Girls to illustrate what Harden is doing to Morey, jokes are flying about the disastrous situation Philly is in.

Sixers fans, meanwhile, are even more exasperated than ever before. Among the many feelings they are sharing is regret for not rooting for another team and wishing that Philly could act more normally. Many wanted to see Harden gone after last season but not like this.


Philly sports fans have already been looking for reasons to stop caring about the Sixers. Years of playoff failure piled under the current mess that the franchise is in has tested their loyalty. Fans will never truly stop paying attention to the team or hoping that they figure it out but with the Phillies putting themselves well in playoff position and the Eagles remaining a Super Bowl favorite, the Sixers are starting to take numerous backseats in the city.

By and large, fans were excited when the Sixers offloaded Ben Simmons and landed Harden. Now, the situation is ending in the same sloppy manner. Building a winner around Joel Embiid has become exponentially harder.