Shooting guard is probably one of the most stacked and star-studded positions in NBA History. The most-renowned player and arguably greatest of all time, Michael Jordan, comes from this position. Kobe Bryant and Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson also heavily played in this position. With a stacked cast of generational talents, it comes as no surprise that fans and even NBA players dabble in the rankings debate. Jeff Teague, for instance, weighed which among Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade and Sixers' James Harden had more value in their careers.

Debates about the greatest in the position always come up. Interviewers and journalists chase these answers to get the most engagement out of fan bases. Often, these questions are asked to NBA players who have played against multiple generations. Jeff Teague was one of these people and he outlined why James Harden may just outrank Dwyane Wade based on their value, via The Score.

“D-Wade has Shaq and Bron. He ain't never really been by himself. When the Miami Heat were by themselves, they were trash. Harden is better, bro. I am sorry,” Teague said.

Both players seemed great in their careers. Wade may have his own county in Miami. Harden may have also gotten his moments with Houston and the Sixers. However, do teammates matter when assessing their accolades and impact on the game? Does Jeff Teague demerit Wade a little bit too much? Or, was Harden actually better at managing a supporting cast that was not as star-studded? Who would you have over the other?