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Sixers star Joel Embiid takes shot at Ben Simmons for blowing Game 7 ‘turning point’

Sixers, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Hawks

Joel Embiid is basically blaming Ben Simmons for the Philadelphia 76ers’ shocking upset loss in Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks.

The Sixers lost to the Hawks on Sunday by a final score of 103-96, and Simmons certainly did not have a lot of contribution with his five points (though he did finish with eight rebounds and 13 assists).

For Embiid, however, Simmons’ lack of aggressiveness cost them the game. He even pointed out the “turning point” when the Australian chose to pass the ball instead of dunking or going for the easy layup:

“I mean, I’ll be honest. I thought the turning point was when we—I don’t know how to say it—but I thought the turning point was just we had an open shot and we made one free throw and we missed the other and then they came down and scored,” the Sixers center shared, per Rich Hoffman of The Athletic.

Below is the play in question. Ben Simmons was able to escape the defense and was open for the easy bucket, but he dished it out to Matisse Thybulle who tried to dunk but was fouled. In the end, the Sixers youngster made just one of his two free throws.

This is a tough look:

However, had Simmons made the shot, the game would have been tied at 88-all with a little over three minutes remaining. To make matters worse, the Hawks scored on the next possession and never gave up their lead.

Joel Embiid added that he’s partly to blame, but he insisted that Simmons’ bad decision-making started it:

“We didn’t get a good possession on the other end and Trae came back and he made a 3 and then from there down four, it’s on me. I turned the ball over and tried to make something happen from the perimeter. But I thought that was the turning point,” the Sixers All-star big added.

Embiid also didn’t have the best game with eight turnovers, but he anchored the offense with 31 points on top of 111 rebounds and three assists.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the Embiid-Simmons partnership on the Sixers, but these remarks from the Cameroonian will certainly be an issue in their relationship.