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Philly gauging market for first-round pick

Sixers, Brett Brown, Markelle Fultz

Maybe the Philadelphia 76ers trading away Dario Saric wasn’t the greatest idea? New reports have surfaced, stating the Sixers would like to see what they can get in return for their first-round NBA Draft pick, hoping to bring back a big man who can help spread the floor.

How do we know this is something the franchise is kicking the tires on? Well, tickle me fancy, forever impressed you theoretically asked such a marvelous question. Sean Deveney of Sporting News wrote as much.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, especially given the market of bigs (who can shoot) who will be on the trade market for just a first-round pick are unlikely the type a franchise would normally risk it all for. That being said, insert random caveats if we want, it does appear as though the Sixers would like to win right now.

Regardless of the reports and rumors, time will obviously tell what happens in regard to this. Maybe someone on the Sixers will emerge from the shadows, providing Brett Brown with an option, preventing the team from hurling yet another asset to the great void known as the NBA trade portal.

Or, ugh, maybe they’ll trade for Frank Kaminsky?