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Stephen Curry comparisons boldly rejected by Seth Curry

Stephen Curry, Seth Curry, Warriors, Sixers

Despite a rough offseason that saw their family go through a very personal matter, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry are doing quite well to start the NBA season. The Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers both won on Sunday night, with the sweet-shooting Curry brothers lighting it up for their respective teams.

But this time around, it was Seth who had a better game than Stephen. He scored 28 points built on 7-of-10 shooting from long distance to lead the Sixers over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The two-time MVP, on the other hand, finished with 27 points against the Sacramento Kings but only shot 9-of-23 from the field, including 4-of-15 from deep.

After the game, when asked about his accurate sniping, Seth said it was different from his brother’s scoring binges (via ESPN).

“I was getting good shots. It wasn’t like I was 18 dribbles, half-court, 40-footers. It wasn’t like I was like on a Steph-type streak. I was finding good shots.”

The Thunder mounted a late rally against the Sixers, but Seth made a critical three-pointer in the final minute to douse cold water on the run.

“They were on a big run. It got kind of loud in there for a second. We needed to kind of stop the run. Once we broke the press, Tobias (Harris) found me in the corner and I just took my time, set my feet and shot it like any other shot. Just one of those that you step into with confidence, and it was a big shot to kind of close the game out.”

Seth Curry and the Sixers improved to 2-1 and will face the New York Knicks on Tuesday.