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Sixers’ Tobias Harris considers sleep deprivation an NBA issue that will soon be talked about like NFL concussions

Tobias Harris, Sixers

It’s not an issue that you hear in and around the league that often, but a lack of good sleep is something that affects top players like Sixers forward Tobias Harris. Due to the league’s hectic schedule, it’s not uncommon for players to only have a few hours of sleep between games. This is especially true when it comes to back-to-back games.

In an in-depth article by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes about professional basketball players’ relationship with sleep, Harris shared his belief that this will be the next big point of conversation:

“You ask anybody in the room,” Harris says. “The thing I talk about is sleep.

“I think in a couple years,” he says, “[sleep deprivation] will be an issue that’s talked about, like the NFL with concussions.”

“Some guys joke, ‘Oh, you have a bedtime,'” Harris says, dodging the shade. “But I’ve got to be able to function the next day at the top level.”

Now that it’s out in the open, Tobias Harris’ stat line of 20.0 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game on a 49% shooting clip is even more impressive.

Moreover, Harris is not the only one who voiced his displeasure at a lack of sleep. Portland Trail Blazers center Hassan Whiteside claims it’s impossible to get enough sleep during the season. CJ McCollum also emphasized the need to sleep, always getting some shut-eye as early as possible. LeBron James is particular about his sleeping habits, even going as far as not having any electronic devices near him 45 minutes before going to bed.

This is something the league must look at moving forward. A lack of sleep can lead to injuries, and having stars out for long periods of time is not good for business.