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TV show inspired by Ben Simmons’ life to be produced by LeBron James’ media company for NBC

LeBron James Ben Simmons

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James continues his foray into the entertainment world as he is producing a TV show partially inspired by Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons. The show Brotherly Love centers on a multi-ethnic family making their way in Philadelphia and according to Nellie Andreeva of Deadline, the inspiration of the show was Simmons’ upbringing. Simmons and his brother, Sean Tribe, will be consulting producers on the project.

James’ show, The Shop, on HBO is taking off and showing that he could be a force in the television world.

Simmons has a very close relationship with his family. Earlier in the offseason, he told a story about a bet he made with one of his brothers that involved wigs, hot sauce, and a weight loss challenge. Perhaps they can incorporate that hilarious story into something on the show.

This isn’t the kind of team up that Sixers fans were hoping for from LeBron James and Ben Simmons this year. They would much rather have James in a Sixers uniform, but this is a very small consolation prize. The pair played together in a pickup game earlier this offseason, but fans will never get to see what James and Simmons could really do together.

The pair has a better chance at meeting in the NBA Finals than ever playing together at this point. James and the Lakers are probably one star away from challenging the Warriors. The Sixers are going to compete in the playoffs for years to come as Joel Embiid and Simmons develop into superstars.