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Sixers’ Tyrese Maxey takes it to the kids at his basketball camp

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While the Sixers are very much the house Joel Embiid build, Tyrese Maxey is the furnace that warms everyone up and keeps it feeling homely.

When the team is feeling down, the Kentucky product is always there to bring a little levity. When the team is hungry, Maxey brings extra wings on the plane to road games. And when the team needs a bucket, Doc Rivers can give his 6-foot-3 sparkplug the greenlight and let him cook on opposing defenses with his full-court prowess, three-level scoring, and incredible layup package that allowed him to finish in the 99th percentile on points from transition according to NBA University.

And yet, Maxey isn’t just a taker who draws a paycheck from the Sixers and then goes home to play video games on Twitch – who could that be? – no, he’s the type of guy who will dip out of Summer League to run a camp in his hometown of Garland, Texas, even if it means having a few fewer opportunities to cook on his fellow teenagers in Las Vegas.

Fortunately, with Summer League no longer part of his schedule, as the third-year pro is a certified starter who will likely remain in the role indefinitely, Maxey took it upon himself to show up a few campers at the latest round of elementary educational camps, as he was cooking some Philly kids in a way they will never forget.

Chill Maxey, those kids have families.

Now obviously, there was no malice or ill-will shown towards the kids at his camp – which isn’t a universal thing, as Cam Newton will tell you – but those kids will never forget the day they were cooked on the practice court by Tyrese Maxey, as he’ll probably still be a member of the Philadelphia 76ers when they are in college.