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RUMOR: The truth behind Ben Simmons ‘ghosting’ Sixers, revealed

Ben Simmons Sixers 76ers trade

Did the Philadelphia 76ers just get left on read all offseason? That was the latest buzz surrounding the Sixers and their polarizing star Ben Simmons.

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer appeared on The Gastroenteritis Blues, where he revealed that the former first overall pick had virtually gone AWOL on the Sixers.

Via Liberty Ballers:

I’m not gonna write this in the story, but I’ll tell this to you guys and you guys can do what you want with it. They haven’t been able to really even get in touch with Ben since the season ended. Like, there was an intent to have a workout plan or whatever — like in any offseason.

But in Fischer’s latest report, he clarifies what he meant by “get in touch”, which wasn’t to say that Simmons didn’t have any contact with the Sixers whatsoever. But rather, it was more about coordinating with training and any real development plan.

“And to clarify: Sixers brass have indeed maintained contact with Simmons and his representatives, most notably meeting in Chicago during the combine, but not too dissimilar to offseasons past, Philadelphia has thus far been unable to collaborate with its Defensive Player of the Year candidate on a summer player development plan, sources said.”

While still better than an outright ghosting, the frosty nature of communication between the sides doesn’t exactly point to Ben Simmons having a completely mended relationship with the Sixers. Fischer adds further that it doesn’t seem to change the trade speculation surrounding the 3-time All-Star.

The overwhelming expectation around the NBA remains that Philadelphia will trade Simmons before the start of training camp.