Sonic Origins will remaster four Sonic games with brand-new art direction. Here is when the Sonic Origins Release Date.

Sonic Origins Release Date: June 23, 2022

Sonic Origins is set to come out on June 23, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch.

Sonic Origins features four games from the long-running Sonic the Hedgehog franchise:

Sonic Origins features also different game modes:

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  • Anniversary Mode – allows players to experience the gameplay of the titles in Sonic Origins in a new format for beginners by providing a full 16:9 display and offering players an infinite number of lives to keep the fun going without having to worry about Continues or Game Overs. The player can also use Coins to retry the Special Stages as many times as they need until they have collected all the Chaos Emeralds and Time Stones.
  • Classic Mode – allows players to experience the gameplay of the titles in Sonic Origins in their retro form with classic challenges. This mode features the original game presentations in the form of their original screen resolutions of 4:3, and will play in the classic finite life and Game Over gameplay systems.
  • Boss Rush Mode – is a mode where they player can go up against the games’ different bosses in succession. and earn Coins.
  • Story Mode – is a new feature in Sonic Origins where the player takes control of Sonic and runs through all the classic Sonic titles in chronological order with new animated cinematic cutscenes.
  • Mirror Mode –  is a new feature in the games that flips the entire Zones from left to right, effectively allowing the player to complete the levels from the opposite direction. It can be unlocked after clearing either Classic Mode, Anniversary Mode, or Story Mode.
  • Mission Mode – is an extra feature in which the player has to complete Missions from Acts of all four games. It makes use of the rank system, with “S” being the highest rank, followed by “A”, “B”, and “C”. This feature lets players put their skills to the test and earn Coins by competing said missions.
  • Museum – is a feature where the player can unlock a variety of content and add it to their collection. As the player progresses through the game, they will automatically unlock items in the “Normal Collection.” They can also use Coins acquired from Boss Rush and Mission Mode to unlock items in the “Premium Collection.” Some content is from the original games’ development stages and has never seen released to the public.

The game is also currently infamous thanks to a very confusing matrix relating to the game’s different game versions. Sega’s garnering very negative press right now because of the convoluted way they’re marketing the game’s different game versions. Many games critics have criticized the game for putting basic functions and features behind a paywall, and for not being transparent with what all of the game’s additional features that fans are paying for are supposed to be.

Hopefully, Headcannon did a good job in remastering the game, not only with the game’s refreshed graphics but also with the treatment of the different game modes and game mechanics. We’re also hopeful that a remastered collection of Sonic the Hedgehog games won’t have any performance issues on any of the different platforms that the game is available in.