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LaMarcus Aldridge, Dejounte Murray get murals in San Antonio

Dejounte Murray, LaMarcus Aldridge

The San Antonio Spurs, now led by LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMar DeRozan, and Dejounte Murray, are one of the last remaining old-school teams in the NBA. Outside of a few H-E-B commercials, executives run this organization with great fundamentals, precision, and very little fluff.

This classy culture has even rubbed off on their fans, which may initially come off as average, but are actually pretty loyal and steadfast. They understand those flashy billboards and LED walls won’t necessarily equate to winning a championship. Instead, they have their own way of cheering for their squad.

But the Spurs may be ushering in a new era this season, after the departures of Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, and Danny Green, as well as the retirement for long-time Big Three member, Manu Ginobili.

As soon as DeMar Derozan arrived in San Antonio, via the Leonard trade with the Toronto Raptors, a mural of him suddenly appeared on a downtown restaurant. Whether fans just wanted to give him a warm welcome or they were just so glad to rid themselves of their disgruntled star isn’t the main issue here; why hasn’t there been one made for other more seasoned Spurs veterans?

Well, the basketball Gods may have heard their pleas as two more murals have just been spotted in the vicinity, one of Aldridge and another for Murray, as reported by Marilyn Dubinski of Pounding the Rock.

After catching wind of this news, the former Blazer seems to approve.

Even Dejounte, who is gaining popularity as a YouTube sensation, is appreciative of this gesture. He posted a photo of it on his Instagram stories.

Dejounte Murray

Dejounte Murray/IG

After drama filled the last couple of months, its back to smooth sailing for Gregg Popovich and company. Hopefully, this helps motivate all players to make another run at the Western Conference and ultimately, another championship.

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but its gestures like this that can truly bring a franchise together.