Spurs news: Rookie Lonnie Walker IV already building a tight bond with Tim Duncan
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Lonnie Walker IV already building a tight bond with Tim Duncan

lonnie walker iv, tim duncan

San Antonio Spurs rookie Lonnie Walker IV has built a special bond with franchise legend Tim Duncan. It has been two years since the future Hall of Famer laced it up and his no-nonsense style of effective fundamental basketball has been missed by the league.

In spite of his retired status, the 15-time All-Star always had a home outside basketball with the Spurs. Since calling it quits, he has been involved unofficially with the team. Whether it’s in practices or imparting his experience, Old Man Riverwalk would always deliver.

That said, Duncan’s interaction with Walker is expected to go a long way. In Jabari Young’s article for The Athletic, Walker commented about their relationship and how he felt about learning from one of the greatest.

“Me and him, we’re getting very close… It’s a little surreal… But that’s probably one of the best things about being a rookie, especially being drafted by the Spurs. You have players who are [the] previous greatest of all-time, such as him and Manu (Ginobili), and they treat you like family.”

With the old Spurs Big Three finally gone and Kawhi Leonard being shipped to the North, the franchise is leaning on LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan to lead them into the next stage. At the same time, the five-time NBA champion in Duncan is seeding for the organization’s future.

The Spurs have a pretty good track record in drafting and acquiring under-the-radar talents that turn out to be real gems once developed. As their 18th overall pick, there is definitely something special about Walker that only the Spurs can see beyond. With the talent and the relationship already there, there is nobody out there who can bring out the best in Walker than the legendary Tim Duncan.