Spurs news: Scottie Pippen absolutely blasts Kawhi Leonard for injury drama
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Scottie Pippen blasts Kawhi Leonard over injury drama

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Fans and critics alike have dished out their opinion on the San Antonio Spurs-Kawhi Leonard situation. It has gained so much attention that NBA legend Scottie Pippen shared his views on the matter.

As posted by ESPN, Pippen blasted Leonard’s absence from the team. The former six-time champion said in part:

“I think it is something. It’s been going on for a while. He’s really showing that he’s not part of the team anymore. And I think it’s probably starting to filter down through the whole team.

His teammates are starting to, you know, feel let down by him. So they probably don’t want him on the bench. I wouldn’t want a guy on a bench that should be playing, can play, and he’s having these problems with management.”

Pippen added that this is the first time that he’s seen a star player evading responsibilities of carrying his team:

“I’ve never seen a super star player not want to carry his team. It’s like he’s lost his love for the game”

If there’s someone who can make things clear, it probably is Pippen. Though he’s just as clueless about what the real deal is between Leonard and the Spurs, Pippen’s assumptions and conclusions make a whole lot of sense.

Leonard has been dubbed as the next franchise player of the team. A player of his caliber does not only fill out the stat sheets. He is also the face of the whole organization. If he continues to behave like this, then maybe he is not the player that everyone expected him to be after all.