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Stephen Jackson thinks Spurs fans are classless after Kawhi Leonard return

stephen jackson, kawhi leonard

As many expected, San Antonio Spurs fans did not welcome former superstar Kawhi Leonard warmly in his return to San Antonio. The San Antonio faithful were hostile toward the now-Toronto Raptors star. They sneered at him, booed him, and even spewed out chants of “Traitor!” at him.

However, former NBA player and Spur Stephen Jackson still didn’t like the fact that they treated Leonard the way they did, as he posted his thoughts on Instagram, per Jeff Garcia of News4SanAntonio.

“Guess the spurs fans ain’t as classy as y’all thought. KL brought y’all a chip and some. How soon they forget. I always have to say this. I told u so. They Hate that I be right about **** all the time. But they the experts though!”

Spurs fans did not let up throughout the night, as they booed Kawhi Leonard every time he touched the ball. Stephen Jackson, on one hand, isn’t one to filter out his thoughts.

Nonetheless, it’s understandable why Spurs fans feel anger toward their former Finals MVP. His exit from the franchise was questionable at best. Leonard sat out all but nine games last season due to a bizarre injury that led the entire Spurs organization, from the management to coach Gregg Popovich, and even some of the players, to question his commitment to the franchise.

With this, the Spurs had no choice but to trade away their supposedly next franchise superstar after the big three era of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker.

On the other hand, Kawhi Leonard did help them win a title in 2014. He was the Finals MVP of that series. He led them to what was perhaps their most masterful title win ever – one that ended the Miami Heat Big Three era.

At the end of the night, San Antonio fans did have the last laugh as the Spurs blew out the Raptors 125-107. Leonard will have to wait a little bit longer for his revenge game. He gets his next chance on February 22, when the Spurs visit Toronto.